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Thanksgiving History

Thanksgiving is a celebration that comes once in a year and celebrated on fourth Thursday of November month. The festival has its own significance in United States of America and celebrated since 1621. Thanks giving were initiated centuries ago when travelers or pilgrims reached at American land and were welcomed warmly by Americans and native red Indians. Gradually, these pilgrims assorted into life and culture of Native Americans, hence a new nation developed that we know today. Since then random Thanksgiving occasions extend across the United States of America have, in fact, begun the Thanksgiving tradition.

The original religious significance of Thanksgiving celebration has been misplaced over the years. In its place, only cooking and sharing numerous meals with family and close ones has come to the center. Turkey, a bird known for her eggs and meat is synonymous with celebration as Americans cook and eat meat of this bird vastly on this occasion. As per records of National Turkey Federation, on this day approx 90 percent Americans eat meat of turkey be it baked, roasted or deep fried.

During the start of mid-20th century or even before, it was a ritual in which the presidents of USA use to pardon one or two Thanksgiving Turkey every year in order to save the bird from killing. Later those Turkey birds were sent to bird form for retreat.