Thanksgiving Day Celebration
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Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Thanksgiving Day CelebrationThanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November, every year, is essentially a harvest festival. It is a time characterized with lot of fun and frolic, gifting, family feasting, community praying etc.

Thanksgiving is most jubilated in the countries of America and Canada. These countries witness a lot of fervor and zeal among its residents. It is a time to thank not only God for a bountiful harvest, but also your fellow for their continuous support and care.

Parades, fetes and fairs, eating at restaurants, shopping are an inherent part of the festive celebration. Football game is closely associated with thanksgiving celebration in America. Foot ball matches are organised every year to mark the occasion. Thanksgiving weekend is also the official beginning of the Christmas season in America.

It is also celebrated in parts of Asia, Africa under different names. The theme behind all the celebrations is uniform - being grateful to Lord Almighty and your fellow men.