Thanksgiving in Africa

Thanksgiving Day Celebration in Africa

Thanksgiving Day in AfricaAfrican harvest festivals have a lot of religious connotations. African harvest festivals are characterized with lot of dancing and singing. Dancers wear traditional masks and outfits. Each dance sequence unfolds a unique story. Festival of Yams is a popular harvest festival celebrated with days of ceremonies and offerings to God and ancestors. It is later distributed among the village folk. It is usually held in the month of August, marking the end of rainy season.

It is a time for rejoicing as well as praying for a bountiful harvest. Incessant dancing, singing mark the occasion. Dancing was earlier restricted only to men, but with the change in times, women folk is sometimes made a part of dancing. Some people observe lot of praying and fasting,a night before the beginning of the festive celebration.

Dancing and beauty competitions are organised during the entire week, increasing the enjoyment of the native people. Bull fights and Bird fights are another major source of attraction and entertainment during the week long celebration. The entire state of Assam rejoices in the festival.